A trip to the zoo! 英会話・英語 アミック

On Saturday, I took a trip to the Tobe Zoo. The weather was nice and I had a great time. This small zoo exceeded my expectations! I saw many amazing animals including Peace, the polar bear, and Diddy, the orangutan. Peace is famous for being the only hand-raised polar bear in Japan. She must have been very warm because she was busy soaking in her pool of cool water. Diddy the orangutan is huge! I was not expecting him to be so large. Watching him chow down on a head of lettuce was amazing! Speaking of eating, I was also able to feed the sea lions fish. I threw the fish high in the air and the sea lions caught it in their mouths. I was so impressed and amused by their fish-catching skills! I think the red pandas are my favorite, though. They are so cute and have so much energy!  What is your favorite animal at the Tobe Zoo?


Friday the 13th – 英会話・英語 アミック

Today is Friday the 13th! In addition to being a popular horror movie series, in Western culture it is considered unlucky when the 13th day of the month aligns with a Friday. This usually only happens once or twice a year, but when it does it is said that many strange and unlucky things will occur.

While most people only ‘pretend’ to be fearful of the day, according to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in North Carolina, USA, many people actually are: “It’s been estimated that [U.S] $800 or $900 million is lost in business on [Friday the 13th] because people will not fly or do business they would normally do,” said founder Donald Dossey in an interview with National Geographic.

Another study found that in the UK, traffic accidents on Friday the 13th happened much more frequently compared to when the 13th falls on another day of the week. While this is probably only a coincidence, maybe be a little extra careful today just in case!




新しい命が芽吹く春春だよ。冬から春に の画像

海外では4月のイメージが日本とはちょっと違いますびっくり の絵文字


4月はというと、春休み(Spring break)が終わり、学期が終わる5月に向けて学生たちはソワソワしていますそわそわ の絵文字

もちろん天気が暖かくなり”April showers bring May flowers”などと言って、希望に満ちている表現もあります花だよ。お花 の絵文字

逆に、”April is the cruelest month”という有名な表現もあります悲しい の絵文字


手に入らないものが目の前にあり、それが私たちを悩ませるということが「残酷」と表現されているのは興味深いですねパンダ+うんうん の絵文字


ともあれ、春といえば・・・タケノコたけのこ の画像


これを見つけた時の嬉しさは格別笑い 笑 笑顔 二宮和也 にの 嵐 の絵文字






漢字だよ。注 の絵文字タケノコはアクがあるので、米ぬかを絞った水に入れて沸騰させ一晩置いておけば完成ウインク の絵文字


その時期に取れる食材を食べて元気に過ごしましょうね笑顔 の絵文字




英会話・英語 アミック Bamboo Or Mushrooms?

If you have been in Japan long enough, you would have come across these Meiji`s two iconic chocolate snacks – Kinoko No Yama (mushroom mountain) and Takenoko No Sato (bamboo shoot village). For decades they have competed against each other as to which is more popular. Chocolate is my weakness and both are tasty, but if I had to choose, it would be Takenoko No Sato. The texture of the biscuit really goes well with the chocolate coating.
Funnily enough, there is currently a “Kinoko no Yama Takenoko no Sato People’s General Election” being held to determine which one of the two is most favored.
How about you? Which do you like better?


Warm weather and a nice bike ride 英会話・英語 アミック

After a few bouts of cold and rainy weather, it seems like Spring sunshine is finally here to stay! I rode my bicycle to work today–something that I only do once a week. I usually don’t look forward to my weekly bike ride, but it’s much more enjoyable when the weather is beautiful! I forgot the simple, child-like pleasure that can come out of riding a bicycle on a nice day. The wind was fragrant with the scent of newly bloomed flowers. The sun was warm on my shoulders as I zoomed across the Matsuyama countryside. I hope that I can go on longer bike rides in the future. Maybe I will ride all the way across the Nishiseto Expressway this summer!



最近のグローバル化に伴い、英会話スクールの必要性はますます増加しております。特に、スピーキング・リスニング・ライティング・リーディングの4技能をバランスよく持つ人材が必要とされており、英検など4技能対応型の試験への期待も高まっております。小学校の英語必修化や資格試験を重視する大学入試の大幅な変更もすぐそこに迫って来ている中、 アミック・イングリッシュセンターとしては、英検やTOEICの対策にも力を入れており、優秀な外国人及び日本人講師を積極的に採用しております。