56 Ways To Say Hello And Goodbye In English – 英会話・英語 アミック


Most of the time, I greet my students with a hearty ‘Hello!’ and ‘How are you?’ at the beginning of class, followed by a “Goodbye!” or “See you!” at the end. 

But in English, there are so many other great ways to say these things, especially when hanging out with friends. 

Instead of ‘Hello’ and ‘How Are You?’, try…

  1. Hi
  2. Hiya
  3. Hey
  4. Hey there
  5. Howdy
  6. Holla
  7. Good morning
  8. ‘morning!
  9. Good afternoon
  10. G’day
  11. Good evening
  12. How’s it going?
  13. What’s up?
  14. Sup?
  15. Sup dude (men only)
  16. What’s happening?
  17. What’s going on?
  18. Hola*
  19. Yo
  20. What’s good?
  21. How have you been?
  22. How are things?
  23. What’s new?
  24. What have you been up to?
  25. Hey man (men only)
  26. How’s life?
  27. How’s your day going?
  28. Long time no see

Instead of ‘Goodbye’ or ‘See you’, try…

  1. Bye!
  2. Bye bye
  3. Good night
  4. See you later
  5. Talk to you later
  6. Catch you later
  7. Later
  8. Later alligator
  9. Have a good day
  10. Have a good night
  11. Have a good one
  12. Adios*
  13. Take care
  14. Take it easy
  15. So long
  16. Peace
  17. Peace out
  18. I’m out
  19. I’m off
  20. See you next time
  21. I’ve got to get going
  22. I ‘ve gotta go/jet/dip/bounce/split/roll/head out/hit the road
  23. Good seeing you
  24. Good talking with you
  25. I’m outta (out of) here
  26. I’m going to call it a day/night
  27. See you on the flip side
  28. See you on the flippity flop

*Spanish, but sometimes (American) English speakers say it for fun






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